Parade Committee Members

Xochitl McDonald – Photo Unavailable

Leslie Strong – Photo Unavailable

Aaron Kahlenberg- Photo Unavailable
Automotive Entries

Paula Harness – Photo Unavailable
Check In

Dick and Caroline East – Photo Unavailable

Jane Stanton – Photo Unavailable

Rick Donnelly – Photo Unavailable
Formation Area / Motorized

Cheryl Badgett – Photo Unavailable

Past Members

John Weitkamp – Photo Unavailable

Mike Levy – Photo Unavailable

Rick Lundgren – Photo Unavailable

Mary Ann Adams – Photo Unavailable

Louise Marquez – Photo Unavailable

Richard Colon – Photo Unavailable

Lena Ninashian – Photo Unavailable

Angela DiMascio – Photo Unavailable

And a very special thanks to 12th District LA City Councilman John Lee and staff, Citizens Emergency Mobile Patrol, Rotary Club of Granada Hills, Granada Hills Charter High School, and the Granada Hills Recreation Center.

The Valley's Largest Holiday Parade