2017 Award Recipients and Participants

2017 Parade Award Recipients

Congratulations to all of the Award Recipients.
Please pick up your trophies at the Chamber Office by September 15!


GRAND SWEEPSTAKES – Girl Scout Cadette Troop 5296 ( Unit 5 )

BEST USE OF THEME -Woodland Hills Cheer Family ( Unit 55 )

MUSIC SWEEPSTAKES – Notre Dame High School Irish Knight Band ( Unit 13)


High School Band
Ist Place Birmingham High School
2nd Place Arleta High School
3rd Place  Canoga Park High School

Tall Flags
1st Place Norte Dame High School
2nd Place Birmingham High School
3rd Place. Arleta High School

Drum Squad
Ist Place -Bishop Alemany High School
2nd Place -Valley Academy of Arts

Drill Team Middle School
Ist Place -Hale Charter Academy
2nd Place -LACC Olive Vista Middle School Drill Team
3rd Place -The Rage Entertainment

Drill Team Elementary Schools
1st Place -The Valley Schools

Drill Teams High School
Ist Place -Valley Academy of Arts

Drum Squad
Ist Place -James Madison High School

ROTC Marching Unit
Ist Place -JFK NAVY Jr. ROTC
2nd Place -McComb Fire Academy
3rd Place -Reseda NJROTC Marching Unit

ROTC Armed
1st Place -JFK NAVY Jr. ROTC

ROTC Color Guard
1st Place JFK NAVY Jr. ROTC
2nd Place North Valley Military Institute

ROTC Unarmed
1st Place JFK Navy Jr .ROTC

Equestrian Parade Categories

Equestrian Color Guard
1st Place – San Fernando Rangers (#8)

Mini Horse
Ist Place -Rowdy Mini Horse (#44)

Equestrian Novelty
Ist Place -Maggie the Donkey (#42)

Fancy Parade Horse
Ist Place -Martine Muraco -Peruvian Paso (#42.5)

Charros Groups 
Ist Place -Charros Unidos of Reseda Ranch ( #85)
2nd Place – Rancho Jelisco  (#59)
3rd Place Union De Charros ( #33)

Fancy Mounted Groups
1st Place -Fahenstock Ranch Horse Rescue Group ( #72)
2nd Place -Haley and the Jets and Friends (#43)

Automotive Parade Categories

Antique and Classic Automobiles

Pre-World War II
1st Place  Patriot Oil
2nd Place Sharon (sp) Peterson

Post-World War II
Ist Place Joe Nishanian
2nd Place Tom Warden
3rd Place Dennis Shutt

Car Clubs
1st Place -Mustang Owners of America
2nd Place -Model A Club of America
3rd Place -Road Kings Club

Ist Place -Topa Topa Tractors

1st Place -Exquisite
2nd Place -Moose Lodge
3rd Place -818 Minis

Community Categories

Boy Scouts Mixed
1st Place – BS Troop 464 /Cub Scout 722 ( Unit 57.5)
2nd Place -BoyScout Troop 550 ( Unit 51)

Cub Scouts
Ist Place -Cub Scout Pack  564 ( Unit 10)
2nd Place – Cub Scout Pack 229 ( Unit 25)
3rd Place – Cub Scout Pack 307 (Unit 75)

Girl Scouts Mixed
1st Place -Mission Valley Girl Scouts ( Unit 56)
2nd Place -Heart of the Valley Girl Scouts  ( Unit 65)
3rd Place -Girl Scouts Troop 3356 ( Unit 29)

Girl Scouts Brownies
1st Place – Brownie Troop 3336 ( Unit 9)
2nd Place -Brownie Troop 4456 ( Unit 45)

Girl Scouts Cadettes and Juniors
1st Place Girl Scout Troop 6916 ( Unit 25.1)

Civic Floats
1st Place -Guide Dogs of America (Unit 36)
2nd Place – Cowboy Social Club (Unit 53)
3rd Place -Odd Fellows of San Fernando ( Unit 75.5)

Commercial Floats
1st Place – Century 21 Peak (Unit 96)
2nd Place – Ultragreens Nursery (Unit 104.7)
3rd Place – Premier America Credit Union (Unit 67)

Youth Floats
Ist Place -San Fernando Rainbow Girls (Unit 74)
2nd Place – Gotta Dance Studio (Unit 83)
3rd Place -Ivy Academia (Unit 94)

Mixed Novelty
Ist Place – Proud Armenians (Unit 14)
2nd Place – Rinaldi Mommy and Me (Unit 57)
3rd Place – VAAS Viper Baseball Team (Unit 78)

Youth Novelty
Ist Place -Ballet Folklorico Las Estrellas (Unit 58)
2nd Place – Mayhall Academy of Arts & Tech (Unit 7)
3rd Place – VAAS Cheer /Dance Team ( Unit 45.5)

Ist Place -North Valley YMCA Unit 41.5

2017 Parade Participants

Granada Hills Holiday Parade 2017 Lineup

Position #DivisionEntry Name
1.0BGranada Hills High School Marching Band and Cheer
2.0AMaury Gomberg - 1999 Mustang
2.5VIPMs. Santa Claus
3.0ROTCJohn Kenndy Navy Junior ROTC
4.0AMustang Car Club
5.0M/WGirl Scouts Troop 5296
6.0VIPJohn and Julie Ciccarelli (parade banner)
7.0WMayall Academy of Arts and Technology (Sponsor banner)
8.0ESan Fernando Rangers
9.0WGirl Scouts Troop 3336 (Theme Banner)
9.5WGirl Scouts Troop 6156 Girl Scout Troop 6926 Girl Scout Troop 1146 (from #63)
10.0M/WCub Scout Pak 564
11.0WSt. Nicholas School (Grand Marshall Banner)
12.0ADennis Shult Driver for Chris Burrous
12.5VIPGranda Marshall - Chris Burrous
13.0BNotre Dame High School Irish Knight Band
14.0M/WProud Armenians
15.0ADriver Danny Banuelos for Mitch Englander
15.5VIPMitch Englander
16.0ABruce Bennett Drive for Congressman Sherman
16.5VIPCongressman Brad Sherman
17.0M/WSaint Euphrasia School
18.0WLACC Olive Vista Middle School
18.5ADriver Bruce Zacuto for Assemblyman Duante Acosta
18.6VIPAssemblyman Dante Acosta
18.7MCSUN Police Department - Motorcycle and K9 Units
20.0AJoe Nishanian Driver for Senator Hertzberg
20.5VIPSenator Hertzberg
21.0ECharros Jalicienees
22.0M/WJob's Daughters Bethel No. 289 of Granada Hills
23.0AAlfredo Pulupa Driver for Captain Bryan Lium
23.5VIPCapitan Bryan Lium - LAPD - Devonshire
24.0AJudy Smith - Driver for Carl Melnik
24.5VIPHonorary Major - Carl Melnik
25.0M/WGirl Scout Troop 6916 and Cub Scout Troop 229
26.0BBirmingham Band High School Band
27.0AMark Morris Driver for GHSNC
27.5VIPVice President - Mike Bennedetto, Mark Morris, Cindy Wu Freedman
28.0ADaniel Driver for Citizen of the Year
28.5VIPCitizen of the Year - Ray Pollack, Elle
29.0M/WGirl Scout Troop 3356
30.0WReseda and Junior ROTC
31.0ARoad Kings of Burbank
32.0M/WCub Scout Pack 118 - Granada Hills
32.5A/VIPBaskin Robbins Conee
33.0EUnion de Charros
34.0ADick East Driver for Granada Hills Chamber President
34.5VIPGranada Hills Chamber President Sal M.
34.7WLe Club Gymnastics
35.0AJeff Meshor Driver for Womens Club President
35.5VIPWomen's Club President - BJ Addis
36.0M/WGuide Dogs of America
37.0M/WThe Rage Preforming Arts Complex
38.0MGirl Scout Junior Troop 7176
39.0BArleta High School Marching Band and Color Guard
40.0ATopa Topa Fly Wheelers
41.0M/WHale Charter Academy
41.5M/WNorth Valley Family YMCA
42.0EMaggie and the Donkey
42.5EMartine Muraco
43.0EHaley and the Jets and friends
44.0ERowdy Mini horse
45.0M/WGirl Scout Troop 4456
45.2APedro Santana
45.5BVAAS High School Cheer / Dance Team & Drum Squad
46.0ARalph Kroy Driver for Patriot Oil
46.5VIPPatriot Oil - Wayde Hunter
47.0AThomas Warden Driver for Rotary President - Raoul Corza
47.5VIPRotary Club President - Rauol Corza
48.0WCub Scouts Pack 415
49.0AModel A Ford Club - San Fernando
50.0EWells Fargo Stagecoach
51.0M/WTroop 550 - Cookies for Santa
52.0ARobert Bennett - Driver for Jim Lofdahi - VFW Post 2323
52.5VIPJim Lofdahi - VFW Post 2323
53.0M/WThe Cowboy Social Club
54.0BBishop Alemany High School Drumline
55.0M/WWoodland Hills Cheer Family Serrania Charter Calabash Charter Welby Way
55.5MSmokey the Bear
56.0M/WMission Valley Girl Scouts
57.0WRinaldi Mommy and Me
57.5M/WBoy Scouts Troop 464/Cub Scout Pack 721
58.0WBallet Folkorico Las Estrellas
59.0ERancho Jelisco
60.0M/WDance, Dance, Dance Studio
61.0M/WGranada Hils Little League
62.0AExquisite Auto Sports
63.0M/WIglesia Bautista Betania
64.0Youth/MHappy Merry Unbirthday
65.0M/WGirl Scouts Heart of the Valley
66.0A818 Mini bike club
67.0M/WPremier America
68.0M/WLiberty Tax Service of GH
69.0BNorth Valley Military Institute
70.0M/WBecause I Love You
71.0M/WRoyal Dance Academy
72.0EFahnestock Ranch Horse Rescue Group
73.0M/WGirl Scout Troop 3706
74.0M/WSan Fernando Rainbow Girls
75.0M/WCub Scout Pak 307
75.5M/WOdd Fellows of San Fernando
76.0WMcComb Fire Academy @ James Monroe
77.0M/WMoose Lodge
78.0MVAAS High School Vipers Baseball Team
79.0WValley School Spirit Squad
80.0ASteff Butler Driver for Jerry Bulter - VFW
80.5VIPJerry Butler - VFW
81.0ACarl Tripp - Driver for Jerry Anderson
81.5VIPJerry Anderson - VFW Commander
82.0BChatworth High School Band Marching Chancellors & Color Guard
83.0M/WGotta Dance Studio
84.0M/WGirl Scout Troop 2026
85.0ECharros Unidos de Reseda Ranch
86.0MAmerican Protection Group (APG)
87.0AShelley Michelle (Miss Armed Forces)
88.0M/WVenturing Crew 1956
89.0M/WConor Lynch Foundation
90.0MAqua Concepts Inc.
91.0AMaurie Kleiman
92.0ACharon Peterson
93.0WGirl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Troop 3246
94.0M/WIvy Academia
95.0M/WCub Scout Pack 104
96.0M/WCentury 21 Peak
97.0WBryan Hawkins Kenpo Karate
98.0MCub Scout Pak 550
99.0BCanoga Park High School Band
100.0WSan Fernando Valley Roller Derby
101.0M/WSan Fernando Valley DAR
101.5M/WBallet Folkorico San Fernando
102.0WWoodcraft Rangers
103.0M/WNorth Valley Occupational Center
104.0MAegis of Granada Hills Assisted Living
104.2ANova Storage
104.5BJames Madison Muddle School Drum
104.6MCacho Customs
104.7MUltragreens Nursery
105.0ARich Farra Driver for Santa
106.0ASan Fernando Valley FLOJOS