Auto Entrants

All auto entries line up (in sequence) on the north curb of Chatsworth Street (see your map). We have all kinds of units and we have them approach the formation area from different directions for SAFETY reasons, so please assist us in this regard. ALL AUTO ENTRIES SHOULD ENTER THE PARADE AREA FROM THE EAST TRAVELING WEST ON CHATSWORTH STREET. You will see # markings on the north curb. Park your vehicle at your number.

For those Auto entries with multiple designations (A/B/W, A/M or A/W), the other aspects of your unit (other than the auto) should line up in the appropriate area (B = band, M = Motorized and W = Walking).  Please see your map.  These aspects of your unit should also enter the Formation Area as prescribed for those types of units.

Check in between 11AM AND NOON at the Chamber Tent in the park (just east of the Library at the northwest corner of the Park). Then, return to your vehicle. It is imperative that you remain near your auto as our Auto Coordinators will be moving the vehicles with your assistance to tighten things up. WE REALLY NEED YOU IN PLACE NO LATER THAN NOON – PLEASE HELP US IN THIS REGARD!  Vehicle travel in the Formation Area (Balboa on the west, Hayvenhurst on the east, Tulsa St on the north and San Jose on the south) will be restricted to parade entrants from 11:30am SHARP!

Judging of vehicles (which have elected to be judged) will commence at noon SHARP! There can be no exceptions.

Please review ALL of the rules on the application. Each one exists for a reason (or reasons) – most for safety reasons or to make the parade the best event that it can be. The Parade is for all of us – but especially for the children. Over 3,500 kids will participate in this year’s parade – and over 100,000 children have participated in it over the years.

Thank YOU for your participation – YOU help to “make” the parade.